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Well hello there!

I'm ~ajhalili2006 (he/him/they/them) and this is my personal website, statically hosted on ~vern (with an mirror on This also serves as an mini personal wiki, although I run a wiki over at Miraheze with more content like my user manual, how to contact me over encrypted lines of communications and other stuff.

Directories within this hub

  • /things - usually screenshots and personal snippet hosting stuff
  • /resume - links to my CV + resume and portfolio
  • /projects - information about different projects I currently doing and in the past
  • ~/public_gcdn/pkgs - personal Linux package repositories, usually as redirect targets from (Website)
  • /keys - PGP and OpenSSH public keys for identity verification and encryption

Where to find me elsewhere

See also his page for all the socials where I'm active and contact details. The badges below has been linked with some of his socials for quick access.